Different Types of Grill Cooking Methods


There are many types of grill cooking methods, each suited for specific needs. The type of grill you own and how you use it will affect which cooking method is best for you. Here's a look at some basic methods and what they're best used for:

Most modern gas grills come with both a gas and electric burners, with separate controls for temperature and cooking time. A cooking grill with separate units by which food may also be cooked with direct convection heat, indirect radiant heat, broiler (or direct radiative heat) and even the technique for transforming the grill from charcoal to use any of these cooking techniques, or combinations thereof. These grills also usually include a grill basket to catch and contain all the drip-offs during the cooking process. If you have a charcoal grill, you may choose to keep this separate for later use.

The gas burners that come on most gas grills today use a liquid such as propane or natural gas, and can range in efficiency from about 150 watts to more than one thousand watts. These units produce heat over a wide area, so for a large room, you can have enough energy for an outdoor barbecue for less than a portable stove. When you're ready to cook, just switch on the ignition and get your grill heated up. You should note that even if the grill has a baroque setting, you will still need to set the temperature manually, depending on the weather. In the summer the temperature can be too hot for a prolonged barbeque. Conversely, in winter it may be too cold, even with a barbeque.  Get here  more info.

For charcoal grills, the most popular technique for cooking meals is the hot grill, which involves heating the coals directly on the grill until they begin to glow red and then moving them over the hot coals. It's best to move the coals periodically, so that they don't catch fire, but you also have to watch them for their red glow since they can go out of control very quickly. Gas grills offer a similar cooking method, but they require oxygen to ignite the coals, and so you have to supply charcoal briquettes and need to have an open flame.

There are even more modern methods now being used for cooking food over a grill. Some enthusiasts like to make grilled food themselves, selecting the best cuts of meat for marinating and also choosing the right seasonings to get the desired taste. This not only saves time but also can often yield unexpectedly good results. However, it can be difficult to judge success, since it can be difficult to judge the effects of temperature and technique without actually trying the new cuisine for yourself.

As you can see, there are many different grill cooking methods available. They all have their pros and cons, and it is up to you to determine which ones are right for you. With a bit of trial and error, you should be able to select the method that works best for your own grilling style. And once you've learned how to grill, you may want to do it more often so you can create those grilled dishes you have been wanting to try. For more details check it out here.

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